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New Law Would Eliminate Bail

On August 28th of last year, Governor Jerry Brown signed SB10, better known as the bail reform bill, into law. Originally scheduled to go into effect in October 2019, the new law …

It's about time

When you have to file something but don't know how long you have to file it, it's best to check the resources found at your local county law library so that you don't miss an important deadline.
Let's face it, law and legal stuff can be pretty scary, sometimes.   Take the young lady who came into our library.  Seems she had been sued for a breach of contract.  A while …

Funding for California County Law Libraries

The county law library system throughout the state of California is facing a budget crisis. In April 2018, Sandi Levin of the Los Angeles County Law Library testified before the California Senate Budget Subcommittee regarding the funding crisis of county…
In April 2018, Sandi Levin of the Los Angeles County Law Library testified before the California Senate Budget Subcommittee regarding the funding crisis of county law libraries.  …

Special Orders Don't Upset Us

While day to day library life may seem quiet and boring, beneath the surface at any public, academic, or law library, a super-hero librarian may just be waiting to save the day for you.
A large television screen is mounted behind the front desk of our Indio location displaying information about the services we offer, upcoming events, and a cartoon short featuring…

Can I have it back, please?!

Not all relationships end in marriage. While the offering of an engagement ring can be a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, sometimes stars get crossed and a frequently researched question at the Riverside County Law Library is what happens to enga…
February is right around the corner and as Valentine’s Day approaches, many feel stirred to make the ultimate romantic gesture and propose to their loved one. An engagement ring c…

Ready or Not, Here They Come!

With more than 900 new laws being enacted effective January 1, 2018, listed herein are a 16 bills that Californians are going to be beholden to. Best to check them out sooner than late before you are selected to pay a fine for not following them.
If history has taught us anything, a new year always brings with it new laws.  2018 is no exception as is evident by the 900+ new laws becoming effective this year.  While there i…

Everything you need in one place

The Riverside County Law Library has everything you need to help you research the laws of California including both print and online versions of the California Codes.
At the Riverside County Law Library, we try to provide help to every patron who comes through our door. Occasionally, we also receive questions from the public over the phone. The…

Legislative Summit

On Thursday, October 15, 2015, I attended the 2015 Legislative Summit at the South Coast Winery in Temecula. The event was organized by the Temecula Chamber of Commerce. The speakers were Senator Mike Morrell, Supervisor Kevin Jeffries, Diane Harkey from…
On Thursday, October 15, 2015, I attended the 2015 Legislative Summit at the South Coast Winery in Temecula. The event was organized by the Temecula Chamber of Commerce.  The spea…

What A Wonderful World

The 2015 Condominium Bluebook is THE resource you want to read when you live in an HOA (or a condominium) and are be hassled by the board or nosy neighbors.
I see a book of blue, and parts of white, The Condominium Bluebook, an informational delight And I think to myself What A Wonderful World Louis Armstrong had it right.  While…

Spring Has Sprung

Spring time is here and what better time that no (right now) than to visit our new Indio Branch library with new furniture, new computers and that new library smell and is located on the first floor of the County Law Building at 82-995 Highway 111 in Indi…
Springtime is a time of new beginnings.  Time for rebirth, rejuvenation, and renewal.  Time to clean out the cobwebs in your mind (Does anyone even do spring cleaning anymore)? …

Mine Today, Yours Tomorrow

Even if you own the land, it can still be taken from you if you are not a vigilant land owner. Protect your land and yourself and keep that grass mowed (so that people at least think you live there).
Few things bother me more that when people come up to me asking about "squatter's rights."  I don't know.  Maybe it's because I own a home and the thought of coming home after a v…

Don't Do It

Just because the front door to your local county public law library says the word "PUBLIC" on it doesn't mean you can walk out the front door with anything you want. If you didn't buy it or it wasn't given to you, it's not yours to do as you wish.
Love my job, I do.  What I don't like all that much is seeing materials walk out the library.  Well, I mean, it doesn't just sprout legs, get up, and walk out the front door of it…

Oldies but Goodies

Your local county law library has some powerful about the United States and California Constitution(s) in its stacks for you to use and peruse
In a recent delivery to our Indio Branch, a small yet powerful paperback arrived.  It was The Constitutions of California and the United States, Ref. KFC 679.U55. Yes, you can fin…

It's all here for you

Even if you don't think you'll every use a law library, we'll be where when you do
The other day as I was getting my law librarian groove on, a guy comes up to me and announces that never in a million years did he ever think he would ever be found in a law librar…

Calling all Paralegals!

The Riverside County Law Library attracts people across the spectrum of legal research and in the midst of it all are the Paralegals who are often responsible for the day-to-day success of an attorneys
The Riverside County Law Library attracts people across the spectrum of legal research.  In the midst of it all are the Paralegals. They are responsible for a variety of tasks, an…

Water Works

You'd think with multitude of manicured green lawns with plants and trees that are not native to the desert climate of the Coachella Valley that California is not in the worst drought in 50 years.
Every morning on my way to work, I drive past the multitude of manicured green lawns with plants and trees that are not native to the desert climate of the Coachella Valley.  …

The Devil's in the Details

Sometimes it's the little things that come back to bite you
Have you ever walked into a room and forgot what it was you were going to do?  Maybe your mom asked you to go to the store for some butter and you bring back a bag of chips and a …

New California Laws for 2014

A summary of the over 100 new bills passed for the new year.
Have you ever had that sneaky suspicion that someone was out to get you?  Maybe you think you saw someone duck behind a tree when you turned around?  Maybe your crazy neighbor acr…