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Gonna get you

Subpoenas are really powerful discovery tools that can put the fear of law (or incarceration) into most anyone
Years ago, I was walking down the street when I heard a loud bang on the street.  Turned out that two cars had collided and, as it turned out, one of the drivers was a Person I kn…

Man’s Best Friend and the Law

The law affects just about every aspect of the world we live in. Pets are no exception. Nolo Press has published a book on laws affecting dogs and their owners, titled Every Dog’s Legal Guide and written by Mary Randolph. Not only is the information in th…
The law affects just about every aspect of the world we live in. Pets are no exception. Nolo Press has published a book on laws affecting dogs and their owners, titled Every Dog’s…

You want how much???

Sean Penn, the actor is suing for Ten million dollars in a Defamation lawsuit.
Seems sometime actor Sean Penn is seeking ten million dollars against some director (Lee Daniels) for an off-sided comment.  Seems Mr. Penn is tired of playing the victim and want…

Librarians know it all

Sometimes it may seem like your local county law librarian is wandering aimlessly around the stacks but know that what we're doing is looking and thinking about what you need or just asked us about so that you don't have to look dazed and confused.
Have you ever had the experience where you find yourself standing somewhere and you can't remember why you're standing there?  See, the other day, I was helping no less than 8 peo…

Mine Today, Yours Tomorrow

Even if you own the land, it can still be taken from you if you are not a vigilant land owner. Protect your land and yourself and keep that grass mowed (so that people at least think you live there).
Few things bother me more that when people come up to me asking about "squatter's rights."  I don't know.  Maybe it's because I own a home and the thought of coming home after a v…

Brace for Impact

While California is the litigation capital of the world, most (sane) people don't wake up in the morning and go looking for a lawsuit. Sometimes, bad things just happen when you least expect it. When that happens, best you can do is brace for impact.
The other day, as I was sitting in Southern California traffic, I glanced over at a large dump truck and its driver.  Seems driver had failed to set the parking brake on his 70 to…

Transparency In Government - Can It Be A Reality?

Have you ever wondered what transparency in government really means? Is it really possible? In an age when massive amounts of information are being gathered and tabulated about ordinary citizens, Americans need to know what the Government is doing and …
Have you ever wondered what transparency in government really means?  Is it really possible?  In an age when massive amounts of information are being gathered and tabulated about …

New California Laws for 2014

A summary of the over 100 new bills passed for the new year.
Have you ever had that sneaky suspicion that someone was out to get you?  Maybe you think you saw someone duck behind a tree when you turned around?  Maybe your crazy neighbor acr…