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New Law Would Eliminate Bail

On August 28th of last year, Governor Jerry Brown signed SB10, better known as the bail reform bill, into law. Originally scheduled to go into effect in October 2019, the new law …

Leave Granny Alone!

The term “elder abuse” refers to the physical and financial attack on elderly people (65 years and older) and dependent adults (18-64). Perpetrators of elder abuse are most likely to be adult children or spouses, more likely to be male, to have a history …
Once a person asked  me why I work at a law library.  As he put it, "It must be the most boring place in the world!"  Turns out, it is the most dichotomous career I know of which …

Law Library Finds

While looking for a book in the library, I came across a book that caught my eye: Attacking and Defending Drunk Driving Tests. Certainly not an upbeat topic, but this book makes it an interesting one. Even though my first skim was only a few minutes long,…
While looking for a book in the library, I came across a book that caught my eye: Attacking and Defending Drunk Driving Tests. Certainly not an upbeat topic, but this book mak…

We'll be known as "The Helpful Store", "The Friendly Store", "The Store with a Heart"

Information on criminal expungement via the movie "Miracle on 34th Street"
“We’ll be known as “The Helpful Store”, “The Friendly Store”, “The Store with a Heart.”  This quote is from the classic holiday movie, Miracle on 34th Street”.  (the 1947 version)…

Proposition 47 Becomes a Reality

Utilizing the initiative process, by obtaining the necessary number of registered voters signatures, the citizens of California enacted Proposition 47 by a vote of 58.5 to 41.5 percent signaling the intent on the part of California voters to allow for rec…
Utilizing the initiative process, by obtaining the necessary number of registered voters signatures, the citizens of California enacted Proposition 47 by a vote of 58.5 to 41.5 per…

Don't Do It

Just because the front door to your local county public law library says the word "PUBLIC" on it doesn't mean you can walk out the front door with anything you want. If you didn't buy it or it wasn't given to you, it's not yours to do as you wish.
Love my job, I do.  What I don't like all that much is seeing materials walk out the library.  Well, I mean, it doesn't just sprout legs, get up, and walk out the front door of it…

The Devil's in the Details

Sometimes it's the little things that come back to bite you
Have you ever walked into a room and forgot what it was you were going to do?  Maybe your mom asked you to go to the store for some butter and you bring back a bag of chips and a …

When is the 4th Amendment not the 4th Amendment

Being mistaken for someone else can lead to unfortunate consequences
Have you ever been mistaken for being someone else?  Maybe you look like a famous celebrity and everyone stops you on the street.  For a long time, I have been mistaken for being …

New California Laws for 2014

A summary of the over 100 new bills passed for the new year.
Have you ever had that sneaky suspicion that someone was out to get you?  Maybe you think you saw someone duck behind a tree when you turned around?  Maybe your crazy neighbor acr…