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Search CEB Pro from home!

CEB (Continuing Education of the Bar) is offering remote access to CEB Pro, so you can still search primary law and CEB guides while working from home.
CEB (Continuing Education of the Bar) is offering remote access to CEB Pro, so you can still search primary law and CEB guides while working from home. CEB Pro includes access to …

Access Lexis Advance Remotely

Lexis Advance is available remotely until May 31
Access Lexis Advance remotely! From now through May 31, 2020, the LexisNexis State and Local Government team is providing virtual access to customers as we continue to work rem…

Access Primary law on Fastcase!

Expanding our online services to meet your legal research information needs.
Access primary law on Fastcase! We understand your need for access to legal sources during this telecommuting season, so we are proud to offer remote access to Fastcase. All you n…

Using EBSCOHost and Nolo to Tackle Common Legal Issues.

Are you having trouble figuring out how to start your legal issue? Here at the Riverside County Law Library, we have excellent starting point resources in various legal issues.
Using EBSCOHost and Nolo to Tackle Common Legal Issues Are you having trouble figuring out how to start your legal issue? Here at the Riverside County Law Library, we have exce…

Up In Smoke

The area of cannabis law in California is in a state of being continuously updated. History of cannabis’ legislation in California has been slowly extending the range of use.
The area of cannabis law in California is in a state of being continuously updated. History of cannabis’ legislation in California has been slowly extending the range of use. The …

U.S. Constitution has new searchable and user-friendly website.

U.S. Constitution Annotated resource review
In celebration of Constitution Day on September 17th The Library of Congress website released a new annotated version of the US Constitution complete with search capabilities, exp…

Legal Research Resources for Self-represented litigants

Legal research can be difficult.  Law librarians can provide insight and guidance on the process but sometimes patrons need an in-depth guide that will walk them through the proce…

All things mold

Few things are wose than having to live in an apartment that is invested with mold. Worse is when you tell your landlord that you've got mold but they won't do anything to get rid of it. That's when it's time to read up on your rights as a tenant and fi…
Years ago, I lived in an apartment that abutted the freeway.  Nice place.  It had 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a patio in the back and a 8X10 area of empty dirt that I used for my …

What was lost was (almost) found

Sometimes when you look long and hard enough you can find whatever it is you are looking for. Sometimes, however, even if you look long and hard and have a great library assistant at the Riverside County Law Library helping you, you can't find whatever i…
Isn't it amazing what you can find if you look hard (or long) enough?  Take for example the gentleman recently visited our Indio branch with a very straight forward request (well,…

So, we meet again

Being a well rounded legal researcher means being able to put aside your prejudices and being able to use resources you don't like when you have a job to do.
I really don't like Google.  Well, it's not so much that I don't like Google as a company so much as it is what it has done to the legal system.  Well, it's not so much what it's …

It's about time

When you have to file something but don't know how long you have to file it, it's best to check the resources found at your local county law library so that you don't miss an important deadline.
Let's face it, law and legal stuff can be pretty scary, sometimes.   Take the young lady who came into our library.  Seems she had been sued for a breach of contract.  A while …

We looked (almost) everywhere

Librarians may not always find what we're looking for right when we need to find it, but that doesn't mean we stop looking. Leave us your email so that when we find whatever it was you were searching for so that we can send it to you - because we'll find…
What a day!  Some days we get maybe 4-5 people asking anything from how to not get evicted to how to file a class action lawsuit.  Today, I got hammered with well over a dozen que…

Can I have it back, please?!

Not all relationships end in marriage. While the offering of an engagement ring can be a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, sometimes stars get crossed and a frequently researched question at the Riverside County Law Library is what happens to enga…
February is right around the corner and as Valentine’s Day approaches, many feel stirred to make the ultimate romantic gesture and propose to their loved one. An engagement ring c…

Barking Dogs

Having problems with your neighbor's dogs barking at 3 AM? The Riverside County Law Library (Indio Branch) has what you need to help solve your problems.
One year, a neighbor’s dog kept jumping over the fence onto my backyard. Normally, I would not be upset because who does not love dogs? The problem was my tied-up Rottweiler, Rosc…

More Forms than you can Count!

If you need a legal form, look no further than and download all the forms you can stand.
Believe it or not, our Indio branch gets a number of interesting (and fun) reference questions.  In fact, I had a patron walk into the library the other day upset over having just…

Everything you need in one place

The Riverside County Law Library has everything you need to help you research the laws of California including both print and online versions of the California Codes.
At the Riverside County Law Library, we try to provide help to every patron who comes through our door. Occasionally, we also receive questions from the public over the phone. The…

"Can I get legal advice at a law library?"

Legal advice refers to written or oral counsel about a legal matter that would affect the rights and responsibilities of the person receiving the advice.
Is there someone at the law library who can advise what I should do in my case?  Short answer is, no. What you are asking is whether library staff can give you legal advice in you…

All I want for Christmas is...peace of mind

Your local county law Librarians is probably the closest you're ever going to come to meeting Santa Claus because we give you exactly what you want every time you ask for it.
Many moons ago when I was young(er), my folks always had me write up a wish list for Santa.  Every year, my brother and I would pour over that list, looking through the Sears Cata…

Gonna get you

Subpoenas are really powerful discovery tools that can put the fear of law (or incarceration) into most anyone
Years ago, I was walking down the street when I heard a loud bang on the street.  Turned out that two cars had collided and, as it turned out, one of the drivers was a Person I kn…

Bon Appetit

As with most all things, your local county law Librarians knows how to serve up whatever you need faster than any mere mortal could ever hope for and can show you how to find it, too!
So, I'm grazing the recent news offerings and, catching my attention, I see an article entitled, "10 chef secrets: What happens to bread, and what not to order and more."  Some of…

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