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Librarians know it all

Jun 11, 2015

maze.pngHave you ever had the experience where you find yourself standing somewhere and you can't remember why you're standing there?  See, the other day, I was helping no less than 8 people find things simultaneously (no chance of confusion, there).  Suddenly, I looked up and found myself standing in a isle devoted to all things intellectual property and I whilst holding Volume 6 of Nimmer on Copyright

Thing is, I could have sworn I was helping someone find something about landlord tenant law but here I was over in aisle 45A and I'm wracking my brain trying to figure out what it was I was looking for and why I was standing there and then I remembered the guy that had come in three days before looking for an agreement to copyright a few musical compositions he wrote while allowing another person to license/distribute his work to specialty vocal groups.  So, there I was standing with Volume 6 of Nimmer on Copyright opened to Chapter 30, Form 30.02E(1): Administration Agreement/Co-Administration Agreement and I realized that this was the answer to that guy's question and I'm finally able to call the guy and tell him the good news.  Sometimes it take my brain a while to figure something out but when it does....BAM!

So, off I go looking for landlord tenant stuff and as I'm wandering between aisles 41 and 42, I glance to my right and I see Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction and Litigation and remember that person #4 that day was looking for information about a personal injury action having just been in a motorcycle accident.  Turning around, I see Real Estate Transactions: Condominium Law and Practice Forms and remembered something person #1 asked about regarding a vacation package he had in Florida and I randomly snag volume 1A and it falls open to Appendix B-15 (which, as it happens is all about Vacation Plans in Florida).  Yeah, sometimes it happens just like that.

So, back to looking for landlord tenant stuff and I remember that on aisle 42A we have a slew of resources to help budding law students study for the California Bar Exam (thus helping person #5) and as I'm about to get to the end of aisle 42B, I notice out of the corner of my eye Civil False Claim and Qui Tam Actions (helping person #7).  And so it goes until I finally am able answer everyone's questions and finish up helping person #8 with her question of, "How can I sue my landlord?" which translated means how can I defend against an unlawful detainer action, by handing her California Practice Guide: Landlord Tenant and California Eviction Defense Manual.

I call it organized chaos. While the process of finding answers to reference questions sounds like a confusing mess, just know that if you ask me something, it will bounce around in my head until I find an answer as I graze through the stacks here at the Riverside County Law Library.

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Bret is a Legal Research & Instructional Services Librarian at our Main Library.