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Jul 16, 2015

forms.jpgI don't know if you know but did you know that the top three questions at most any county law library are

  1. Were are the bathrooms?
  2. Where are the copiers?
  3. Where are the forms that related to ....?

It is to this third question I dedicate this blog.  See, I got a phone call today asking if we had forms to create a limited liability company.  Thing is, we don't have forms just laying around.  You (meaning whomever is looking) have to look for it/them.  OK, we don't just throw you to the wolves - we'll help get you to the resources, it's just that once there, you're going to have to crack some books.

For instance, say you really were looking for the forms to create a limited liability company (LLC), first thing I'd suggest you do is go take a look at Fletcher Corporation Forms Annotated (ThomsonReuters) and look in the Index under "L" for Limited Liability Companies.  The index will, of course, direct you to section 4295.150 et seq. which is found in Vol. 6, Chap. 170.  You  might even what to check out Form Your Own Limited Liability Company (Nolo Press).  Pretty simple, huh?

Let's try another one.  Say you were looking at filing divorce and you wanted to know where to get the forms for the petition.  You could do two things, actually.  If you lived in California/Riverside County, you could go online to the Riverside Superior Court Family Court Division and take a look a the Local Forms page.  The other way to find family law forms is to take a look at

The thing is, regardless of what forms you are looking for, odds are we have exactly what you need to get you up and moving along.  So, come on in and check us out to your heart's content.

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Bret is a Legal Research & Instructional Services Librarian at our Main Library.

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