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Using EBSCOHost and Nolo to Tackle Common Legal Issues.

Feb 13, 2020

Using EBSCOHost and Nolo to Tackle Common Legal Issues

Are you having trouble figuring out how to start your legal issue? Here at the Riverside County Law Library, we have excellent starting point resources in various legal issues. Nolo print books and the EBSCOHost database are great starting points of reference and are both available at the library. Can’t make it into the library? No problem, you can use EBSCOHost on your computer at home. As a Riverside County resident, you can call in to the library during regular business hours to obtain the username and password needed to sign into EBSCOHost. Once signed into EBSCOHost, you search through many helpful resources. You can find legal articles written by attorneys, legal forms, easy to follow step-by-step guides, lawyer referrals, and more. The various topics available include:

-        Debt (e.g., credit repair/bad credit, dealing with debt, creditor lawsuits, collections, car repossessions, etc.)

-        Divorce (e.g., child support/custody, adoption, guardianship, etc.)

-        Social Security and Retirement (e.g., social security FAQs, Medicare/Medicaid, retirement planning, veterans’ benefits, elder law, etc.)

-        Wills (e.g., estate planning, wills, living trusts, powers of attorney, etc.)

-        DUI/DWI/Traffic tickets (e.g., DUI/DWI laws and defenses, traffic ticket options/defenses, traffic court, etc.)

-        Personal injury (e.g., personal injury damages, settlements/negotiations, car accident cases, medical malpractice, wrongful death, etc.)

-        Real estate (e.g., California real estate, selling a house, buying a house, being a homeowner, investing in real estate, etc.)

-        Small business (e.g., Business plans, financing and loans, cash flow problems, business litigation, sales, eCommerce, self-employed individuals, etc.)

-        Taxes (e.g., business taxes, personal income taxes, back taxes, audits, etc.)

EBSCOHost and Nolo print cover so much more topics than just those listed above. Call or stop by the Riverside County Law Library to get started on researching your legal issue.

Check out this link to view our EBSCOHost access guide to get started with EBSCOHost: EBSCOHostAccessGuide.

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