Riverside County Law Library

MCLE: Ethical Use of Social Media

Joseph Jones presenting. 1 Hour Ethics MCLE credit. Live in Riverside & live-streamed to our Indio and Temecula locations.

MCLE: Ethical Use of Social Media

Live in Riverside; Live Streamed to Indio and Temecula

Cost- $25 (including lunch).  Register for the class at our Eventbrite page

About the Program
In this presentation, Joseph will discuss various ethical issues and legal requirements relating to social media and the law. Topics discussed will be how to properly preserve and authenticate social media content, using social media to investigate jurors, what should/shouldn’t be discussed about your cases on social media and requirements related to preserving online content.

About the Speaker
Joseph Jones is a licensed Private Investigator and the Vice President of Bosco Legal Services, Inc. Joseph has worked in almost every position at Bosco, starting with sweeping the parking lots, and as such has an intimate knowledge of every facet of the business. Joseph is a Certified Social Media Intelligence Expert, Certified Expert in Cyber Investigations, and holds multiple certifications in Open Source and Cyber Intelligence. He also has degrees in Psychology and Social & Behavior Sciences.

Joseph has received over 1,000 hours of specialized training and regularly teaches courses to attorneys, paralegals, insurance professionals, and contributes to their various publications. Joseph has appeared as an Expert Witness in legal cases on various topics. When he’s not tracking down bad guys or digging up the truth, he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and 4 active children.