Riverside County Law Library


What We Have 

The collection at the Main Library, Indio Branch, and Temecula Law Resource Center consist of over 90,000 volumes. Our focus is on primary resources such as codes and case law and secondary sources such as practice guides, encyclopedias, and finding aids. 


  • Largest collection with
    approximately 85,000 volumes
  • Superseded California, Federal, 
    and national-scope resources
  • Legislative codes for all 50 states
  • City and County specific material


  • Approximately 25,000 volumes
  • Focus on California with other core federal resources


  • Approximately 350 print volumes
  • California specific
  • Housed in the Temecula Public Library reference section

Law Reviews IMG_8365.jpg

The law library subscribes to approximately 200 law reviews, bar, or legal trade journals in print format, including all those published by the American Bar Association. A minimum of the past 20 years are available for most titles. 


  • Federal Register, 1970 to 2003
  • California Legislature Bill Analysis, 1975 to 2002
  • California Ballot Pamphlet Voters Arguments, 1883 to 1998
  • West's Annotated California Codes, 1954 to 2008
  • State and Federal Documents

We are a partial state documents depository since 1986, receiving law-related material and annual reports of agencies. The most heavily used portions are the bills introduced in the Assembly and Senate.