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We are the only public law library in the County of Riverside.  Our mission is to enable everyone in Riverside County to perform the highest level of research and practice through free and open access to the law.

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Happy February! If you’re a licensed attorney in California and your last name begins with ‘A’ through ‘G,’ beware the State Bar Audit boogeyman. Before you scour your office, home, car, beachfront mansion, or dusty storage bin for that sweet MCLE certificate gold, its probably a good idea to review what is expected of you during an audit. While the nightmare scenario can be avoided with thorough records-keeping and punctuality, how do you go about rectifying the situation when your dog just at…
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    You can access Amend. 25, Sec. 4 [Declaration by others of President's inability to serve] in a quick search of the… https://t.co/8EGKiyBH3J via @rclawlib
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    One Lawyer, One Day, 194 Felony Cases https://t.co/gFCNFTepWi via @rclawlib
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    "If she fell below the right number of steps, it would lower her health and fitness rating, which is part of her so… https://t.co/PB6zCJlBZv via @rclawlib